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  • The Skip Hop Alphabet Nesting Animal Puzzle, wooden, is the perfect first puzzle for little ones.  Build a tree by perching three wooden raised pieces atop one another. This simple developmental activity engages baby with bright colors and a friendly owl. Chunky pieces are easy for small hands to grab.19 months+.

  • The Double Rainbow Stacker by Hape is a wooden toy which features 2 shapes and 9 colours to create endless possibilities for stacking and sorting.Create a colour pattern using one shape then, let your child create the same pattern with the other shape.12 months +.Water-based paint.Hand wash.

  • The Hape Homemade Pizza, wooden, allow kds to make their favorite meal any way and anytime they want it. Count the slices and everything that goes on top. Name the colors, too. Count the pieces of pizza in a real pie. Older children can even practice fractions.Water based paint.3 years+.

  • The Hape Sushi Selection, made of wood, bamboo and fabrics, are all you need for a delicious dinner. No cooking necessary! Playing with new foods encourages kids to try them.

  • The Hape Under The Sea Animals, wooden, is a set of 12 pieces with colored sea animals, to practice colors, numbers and sea animal’s names.Water based colors. 12 months+.

  • The Hape Healthy Basics, all wood, is perfect to cook like a pro!Eggs, milk, cheese and more tempt picky eaters to make a healthy meal.Encourages imitative and imaginary play; promotes fantasy story telling, role playing, and creativity.Water based paint.

  • The Hape Doctor On Call helps putting your child in control of doctoring eases his or her visits to the real doctor.Stethoscope, syringe, ointment to cure all the small troubles.Water based paint.

  • The Hape Fix-It Tool Box, all wood, includes nuts, bolts, and all the tools little builders need to tinker, and are conveniently packed in this ready-for-action case.Water based paint.

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  • The Gourmet Kitchen by Hape is a wooden set which inspires mini chefs to cook everywhere and everything!Like a real kitchen, it includes 2 induction cookers, a refrigerator, an oven and a kitchen sink.Water-based, non-toxic paint.3 years +.Accessories not included.

  • The Hape Take Along Activity Box, wooden, has moving gears, balls, blocks and a maze.Activities are specially designed for little hands and develop fine motor skills.Easy cleaning.Water base paint.10 months+.

  • The Hape Double Flavored Birthday Cake, wooden, is great for math play from 3 years.Count the slices of cake, the number of fruit toppings and candles.8 wooden slices of strawberry and chocolate cake, 4 felt strawberry slices, 4 felt kiwi slices, 4 candles, a tray and a little plate "Happy Birthday".Water based paint.23 pieces.3 years+.

  • The Hape Krokodil Croc, wooden, is a friend to pull along, from 12 months.Even before your child is able to pull the toy and walk, he can push it along the floor.Krokodil Croc is flexible.

Showing 1 - 12 of 125 items