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  • The Scoot-Around Tricycle by Hape is a wooden toy that encourages lots of short rides to develop muscle strength and balance.As your child gains more power and confidence, increase the wheel time and distance.From 12 months.Water-based paint.

  • The best way to learn how to walk is to use a car!But not any car: the Beetle Walker by Hape, convenient and stylish, is THE car you need!It's one of the safest car of its category: you can adjust its speed easily by tightening or loosening screws.During your road trip, near the 2-year milestone, you'll be glad to use the spacious trunk to carry all your...

  • This friendly Buggly Wuggly Ride-on from B. Toys is a lovely wandering buddy and a perfect first ride. With two squeaky horns that light up, each new adventure will be even more fun than the last. You can bring your favorite toy or a delicious snack in the secret storage under the seat. What unknown place will you explore next?  

  • Pic & Poc by Tomy is a fun device that encourages little ones from 18 months to walk around.Both a cannon and a vacuum-like machine, it sends colorful little balls flying and scoops them back up when it rolls over them.A circus-inspired toy that will delight little pranksters.

  • The Roll'N'Pop Walker by Winfun encourages your toddler to take their first steps while having fun thanks to its flashing lights, its funny sounds and its cheerful melodies.When baby wants to have a break, they can enjoy the fun ball-dropping activities this walker has to offer.The easy-to-grasp handle and the wide wheel base are specifically designed to...

  • The Learn With Me Zebra Walker by Fisher-Price is a 2 in 1 friend that keeps hands busy and gets feet moving.Thanks to its 7 hands-on activities, baby can sit and play with it. Once they grow up and want to stand, the zebra is here to reward and encourage them as they walk along, with fun phrases, lights, music and songs.It has pages that teach the...

  • The new Zoo 3-in-1 Ride On by Skip Hop has been designed to grow with baby and encourage the development of gross motor  skills, balance and coordination.It is great for little kids on the move!It features 3 ways to play (walk, ride, and scoot), press button for light, 3 melodies and 2 fun sound effects.There is a wagon storage compartment that flips over...

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  • Let's go for a walk with the Llama Ride-On by Janod. Wether straddled or pushed, it will be ideal for your child's play sessions.It also comes with pieces to nest into the toy's body. The 6 Inca-themed pieces can be retrieved by lifting the seat. Fitted with 4 silent rubber wheels. Ideal for the development of motor skills and sense of balance. 12-36 months.

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  • The Multi-Activities Cat Baby Walker by Janod is particularly suitable for learning to walk.  Thanks to its height adjustable handle, this walker is versatile and adapts to the size of your child. Its invisible and removable brake can lock the wheels (at 12 months) and release them gradually so your child can master the speed of the walker while learning....

  • This lovely Hippopotamus Ride-On by Janod is the perfect companion to help your child better manage their stance and explore the world around them.You child can use the little front compartment to bring along their toys and cuddly friends wherever they go.The ergonomic handles ensure optimal grip for children’s little hands.With its 4 silent rubber...

  • B.'s Walk 'N' Pop Turtle will help your little one walk around the house.Get the turtle moving to see a popping light show.Thanks to the removable handle, baby can use it either crawling or walking. 12 months+. 

  • The Hape Wonder Walker, all wood, provides a sturdy base for pulling up, and a unique design that makes pushing a breeze.Moveable knobs, gears, and colorful balls turn it into a busy-box on wheels.Advanced walkers can add toys to the wagon to push and pull to give more resistance and build strength.Water based paint.12 months+.

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