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  • The Crib Wedge by Jolly Jumper gently elevates baby's head for easier breathing and better digestion.It helps baby get a good sleeping position, as recommended by pediatricians.It is easy to place safely under the fitted crib sheet.

  • The Sleep Rite Infant Seat Positioner by Jolly Jumper supports and secures baby when sleeping on the back, from birth to 6 months.Velcro closures allow you to adjust the seat positioneras baby grows.Machine wash.

  • The Baby Works Toddler Pillow provides maximum support to help your toddler sleep comfortably.The Airflow treated open-cell memory foam absorbs and distributes weight evenly.It comes with a hypoallergenic fitted cover, made using rayon from bamboo fibers, which are soft and gentle, keeping the pillow cool and comfortable.Fitted cover: machine wash and...

  • The Baby Works Bamboo Toddler Pillow Case, hypoallergenic, is made from rayon from bamboo fibers.Comfortable & breathable.It has a zipper for a fit that is safe and secure.Machine wash and dry.

  • The Sleep Positioner Easyrise by Kushies fits under the crib mattress to gently elevate baby's head during his sleep.This position allows for easier breathing and better digestion.It is easy to place safely under the fitted crib sheet.The cover is made of 45 % viscose from bamboo, and the foam is 100 % soy-based  polyurethane.Machine wash and dry:...

  • Pediatricians recommend a slight inclination of baby's body at night to help breathing and digestion, and that's exactly what the Crib Wedge Cosymat by Babymoov allows you to do.Just place it under the fitted sheet in baby's crib: the upper part of baby's body will lean comfortably.This great wedge is made of breathable fabrics and has a machine-washable...

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  • The Cosydream Sleep Positioner by Babymoov provides baby with perfect support at night.It's made of ultra soft, breathable materials and memory foam for optimal comfort.The Cosydream recreates a small space to reassure baby while supporting the back and raising the legs.Also, a built-in head rest keeps baby's head well rounded.

  • The Reversible Pillow for Kid by Nneka is filled with 100 % buckwheat hulls, which do not retain the body heat.It is hypoallergenic and anti-mites, and you can adjust the amount of hulls to adjust the thickness of the pillow to the needs of your child.It is reversible with a plain back side.The removable cover is machine washable.

  • The Cosypad Infant Sleep Positioner by Babymoov provides baby with perfect support at night. It's made of two soft and airy materials for optimal comfort. The Cosypad adapts perfectly to baby's morphology thanks to the Flex System.The supporting mattress can be washed.From birth.

  • The Lovenest+ Pillow by Babymoov, from birth, is an original ergonomic and breathable fabric headrest.It helps prevent flat head-syndrome.Created and developed by a pediatrician: Manuel Maidenberg.Fits on any crib, baby rocker, pram and stroller.Surface washable.

  • The Cloud 9 Head Support by Babyworks helps baby place his head right, while lying on his back, from birth on.Its ergonomic shape delicately supports baby's head without pressure, which could help prevent the flat head syndrome.The memory foam is covered with a hypoallergenic fabric made from bamboo fibres which make it soft, light and comfortable.Wipe...

  • The Pilö Ergonomic Headrest by BBLüv is soft and lightweight to better welcome baby's head while on his back, from birth.Soft and spongy, it relieves the pressure on the back of baby's skull and keeps his neck aligned.It features a breathable fabric for more comfort.Hand wash.

Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items