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  • The  Moulding Kit Évolution by Laissez-vous mouler! is different from other similar products: it uses a home-made paste.It is hypoallergenic and fit to eat and so, perfectly safe for baby.This paste is reusable; therefore you may repeat this experience at different stages of your child’s growth.This kit allows you to mould baby’s feet and hands from 1...

  • The Moulding Kit Sepia by Laissez-vous mouler! allows you to mould baby’s foot and hand from birth to 3 years old!Includes a reusable moulding paste, a finishing plaster, 1 inscription plate and other accessories.Safe for babies.

  • The Christmas Ball Sophie la Girafe by Vulli is kids' favourite one to decorate the Christmas tree!Shake it to see the snowflakes swirl!From under a cute golden ribbon, Sophie la Girafe will share all those magic moments with you!

  • From March 15 while stock lasts, buy a Growth Chart , get time markers for FREE (worth $5.95).Your little one is growing so fast! But thanks to the Growth Chart by Abricotine, you'll be able to follow the whole process, step by step.This high-quality product is made of sturdy Russian birch and all you need to install it is just one screw!You will then be...

  • Knock knock! May I come in?With the Vertiplay Door Knocker by Oribel, your little one will learn to knock before entering a room in a funny way!This colourful wooden knocker easily sticks to the door: just remove the back sticker liner.

  • The Moneybox by A Little Lovely Company is an essential item for your child’s first savings and brings a pretty touch to their bedroom décor. When it’s time to go shopping, just twist the head (animals) or the plug at the back (shooting star) to open the box and buy a fun treat or a nice gift.    

  • Make an elegant keepsake of your little one with the Babyprint Tin by Pearhead.Use the provided clay to make an impression of your child's tiny hand or foot and display this timeless classic in the nursery. 

  • Make a memorable keepsake of your newborn's tiny hand or foot with the Clean Touch Ink Pad by Pearhead.The process is mess-free as your baby's skin never comes in contact with the ink.Two-time use.

  • Create a stylish decor with the Canadian-made Alphabet Wooden Blocks by Whittle Wood.A trendy accessory for a timeless touch that will impress and inspire those around you.Mix and match the blocks (sold separately) to spell out your little one's name or a loving message. 

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items