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  • The ABCD Food Pouch (pack of 4) by Rhoost is reusable, so you don't have to throw away thousands of pre-filled pouches from the store...A resealable zipper, clear front and convenient label make it easy to use everyday.All your child has to do is unscrew the pouch, squeeze it... and enjoy!

  • The Baby Emery Board (pack of 10) by Rhoost is perfect to take care of delicate tiny nails from birth on.Once you've cut baby's nails with your nail clipper (sold separately), use the Baby Emery Board to gently smooth the nails and avoid scratching.Ideal pack for travel or on the go.

  • The Rhoost Bamboo Brush & Comb keeps tnagles at bay and little hairstyles intact.The brush, ideal for all hair types, is made of bamboo and soft natural pig hair.The comb, soft and anti-static, is great for fine baby hair.

  • The Bamboo Grooming Kit by Rhoost , 100 % natural and organic, includes a wooden comb, a wooden hairbrush with natural bristle, a wooden nail clipper and a 100 % organic-cotton washcloth.

  • The Bamboo Nail Clipper by Rhoost has an ergonomic design to help you confidently trim teeny nails.It features a large handle for easy grip and better precision.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items