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  • This tear-free 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash Gel 200ml/6.76oz from Mustela for is soap-free and specially formulated for the daily care of the delicate skin of babies and children. Suitable from birth, it contains 92% ingredients of natural origin and protect your little one's skin. 

  • The Baby Shampoo by Mustela washes your baby's hair and leaves it easy to comb.Hypoallergenic, it is gentle on the scalp right from day one.Easy to rinse and does not sting the eyes.0% parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol.

  • With 98% ingredients of natural origin, the Cleansing Water 300ml by Mustela cleanses and softens the baby's skin, from birth onwards.Specially formulated to use right from day one, it is ideal for rinse-free cleansing.  

  • The Cradle Cap cream by Mustela soothes and softens baby's cradle cap. It helps to improve the scalp's appearance and keep it clean from birth on (even for newborn out of NICU). Patented Avocado-based and Borage oil ingredients of natural origin.Hypoallergenic cream, high skin and eye tolerance.0% fragrance, paraben, phthalate, phenoxyethanol.

  • Mustela Cradle Cap cream + Shampoo Set Promotion Quick view
    $30.98 -$8.99 $21.99

    The Cradle Cap cream + Shampoo Set Promotion by Mustela includes 1 cradle cap cream 40ml and 1 gentle shampoo 200ml. Gift: Brush and Comb set +  inflatable beach ball!All products are 0% paraben, phtalate ni phenoxyethanol.Dermatologically tested under pediatric supervision.Ideal set for baby's cradle cap.

    $30.98 -$8.99 $21.99
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  • The Diaper Change Liniment by Mustela, with 99% ingredients of natural origin, has no perfume.Specially formulated for use from birth on, Mustela’s Liniment is perfect for wash routine and diaper change:- it cleanses efficiently thanks to its creamy texture- it nourishes the skin and helps prevent redness, thanks to high quality extra-virgin olive oil- it...

  • This Dry Skin Set by Mustela includes a 200ml / 6.76 fl. oz nourishing lotion with cold cream, a 40ml / 1.35 fl. oz nourishing cream with cold cream, a 300ml /10 fl. oz nourishing cleansing gel with cold cream and a gift!All these products soothe and nourish drier skins with instant and long-lasting effects.0% paraben, phthalate,...

  • The Gentle Cleansing Gel - 500 ml by Mustela is specially formulated to be used right from day one.It is ideal for baby’s daily hygiene.It gently cleanses your baby's skin and hair thoroughly yet delicately.Thanks to its new formula enriched with Avocado Perseose (a patented ingredient of natural origin), the Gentle Cleansing Gel helps reinforce the skin...

  • The Gentle soap with Cold Cream - nutri-protective by Mustela is a soap effectively and gently cleanses dry skin.Thanks to the Cold cream, it nourishes the skin and compensates for the drying effects of hard water.From birth, it can be used for baby body and face.Free of paraben, phthalate, phenoxyethanol.Made in France.

  • With 88% ingredients of natural origin, the Hydra Bébé Body Lotion by Mustela hydrates and strengthens your baby’s skin, from birth onwards.Specially formulated for the daily care of your baby’s skin, the combination of vitamin E and F with shea butter and avocado perseose provides immediate and longlasting hydration. 

  • The Hydra Bebe Face Cream by Mustela hydrates and strengthens your baby’s skin, from birth onwards.Hypoallergenic, it is suitable for daily use to protect the skin's vital resources.0% parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol. 

  • The Multi-Sensory Bubble Bath by Mustela is for deep, gentle cleansing from birth. It stimulates your baby’s senses and protects the living capital of your baby’s skin, today and in the future.  

Showing 1 - 12 of 28 items