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  • The Janod Duonimo Puzzle/Matching Game, from 2 years, is composed of 30 sturdy, durable cardboard cubes.The child associates the little boy and his animal friends to their house. This puzzle is ideal for developing your's child's fine motor skills and will help them discover and associate each character to its home.The Duonimo puzzle fits easily in its box.

  • This lovely Fairytale block set by Janod will delight the little lovers of marvellous stories. With two games in one, smaller children will be able to develop their motor skills when building gorgeous structures to honour the most charming princes and princesses, while older children will figure out how to assemble the six enchanting puzzles.

  • The Forest Animals Tactile Puzzle by Janod is composed of 20 sturdy, durable cardboard pieces with different textures. Different textures on the animals' body encourage touching.It features big-size pieces, perfect for little hands.This puzzle is easy to carry thanks to its beautiful storage box.2-4 years.  

  • The Janod Forest Puzzle, from 3 years, is composed of 24 sturdy, durable cardboard pieces to help your toddler develop counting and number recognition skills.The puzzle transports itself easily thanks to its colored suitcase

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  • The Janod Forest Wooden Blocks is a construction game composed of 6 solid wood cubes, for creates 6 illustrations, featuring soft colours, based on the theme of animal portraits: fox, owl, rabbit, raccoon, bear, elk.Encourage your child to develop his or her coordination and sense of observation.Faster your child's imagination and visual memory.

  • Janod French ABC Abacus Toy will ease the learning of numbers and letters for your kids.Ergonomic and made of wood, the abacus helps the coordination for little kids and helps older ones to write, read and count.Upper and lower case, your children can navigate easily on the abacus toy and discover all the pictures behind every letter or number.

  • The Funny Magnets by Janod are a set of colourful wooden pieces to put together.3 wonderful characters come in 3 magnetic parts, to assemble, break up, mix and rebuild as often as you like!Funny magnets are a great game to develop association and imagination.18 months +.

  • This Geometric Shapes Box by Janod is the perfect toy to start learning colors and geometric shapes.Your child has to push the pieces into the box through the right slot.It includes 6 colorful pieces that fit into different sides. It is fitted with a small sliding hatch so the pieces can be easily retrieved. 12-36 months. 

  • The Janod Giant Number Puzzle, from 3 years, is composed of 12 sturdy, durable cardboard cubes which are numbered 1-10 to help your toddler develop counting and number recognition skills.The Giant Number puzzle transports itself easily thanks to its colored suitcase

  • Your child is going to love playing with the Green Market Grocery by Janod. It's a nice supermarket with lots of accessories for aspiring greegrocers.You will find everything you need in this market: fruits, vegetables, food boxes, etc.Ideal for hours of playing , this market will develop your child's imagination. From 3 to 8 years. 

  • In store, only. Janod's Happy Day Big Cooker has everything to turn your little ones into little Chefs!Combining wood and metal, it comes with 7 accessories: a spatula, a saucepan, a colander, a potholder and 3 cardboard food boxes (pasta, milk and peas).This realistic kitchen has a hob complete with light and sound effects, an oven, a micro-wave, a...

  • The Hen & Co Looping by Janod is a wooden toy for kids aged 18-36 months. This comprehensive toy will help your child develop concentration and motor skills while having fun.Featuring an aerial design, it has 4 wires with beads shaped like birds, a chicken and the sun to slide through the structure. It also has a pond with a duck and a turtle chasing each...

Showing 13 - 24 of 57 items