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  • These Four Curiosity Cubes from Edushape engage hands, eyes and ears for highly dynamic sensory development.The action of moving the cubes to guide the beads stimulates coordination.The cubes draw children's attention thanks to their attractive colors and include four levels of challenge to grow with their developing skills.

  • Edushape's Dino Teether is shaped like a small ball so it is easy to grasp, hold and chew.Inspired by dinosaurs, it has spikes on the back, a pointy tail and a round face.All of these are here for baby to chew on and soothe their sore gums.It is also perfect to help developing baby's tactile senses thanks to its original and unique shape.Flexible and...

  • The Edushape Jumbo Dominos takes traditional dominos on new dimensions in several ways.Perfect to make new friends!Mix and matches jumbo size dominos that come in colorful dots, geometric shapes and animals.Jumbo domino tiles, foam, float on water!Domino can be played vertically as the wet dominos stick to bathroom tiles.2 to 4 players.3 years+.

  • The Magic Brix by Edushape is a 72-piece set of easy grip pieces that can be combined in innovative constructions by little ones from 3 years old.The various shapes and bright colours promote creativity and the flexible pieces promote fine motor skills.

  • The musical caterpillar hides many surprises. Press his nose and hear a fun song. The textures and sounds of the track encourages the discovery of the senses, and attractive colors stimulate the child. The musical caterpillar will be the perfect companion for moments of fun with your children.

  • The Edushape Mini Edu-Tile s Alphabet extend a child's imaginative and cognitive skill while developing basic coordination and alphabet skills.The interlocking squares are light, soft, hand washable, durable and colorful.The tiles make excellent mat, storage box or adorable little tent.3 years+.

  • The Edushape Senso-Dot Ball 7", high quality, is a flexible toy with unique texture.Enhances gross motor and tactile skills.Encourages crawling, grasping and coordination deal for relaxing stimulation and body massage.Your kids will love it!6 months+.

  • This set of 9 Sensory Balls from Edushape is a pack of stimulating toys that develop the child's gross motor skills.Thanks to a variety of sizes, colors and textures, they will make them curious and encourage them to crawl and touch. 

  • The Edushape Soap Crayons & Foam Holder with a push up function to expose more crayon as they wear.Brightly colored for drawing on tile and can be cleaned with a wet cloth.Great for developing early writing and drawing skills.3 years+.

  • The Edushape Soft Flexible Blocks and Animals are safe, soft and flexible from 12 months. Set includes: 1 reusable Zip-Tote bag, 6 Jungle Animals and 22 soft Mini EduBlocks, assorted colors & sizes.Perfect pick for early development of enhancing cognition and fine motor skills.Easy cleaning.

  • The Edushape Train Flexible Blocks are colorful and interfitting to build a train.Exclusively designed for young child's grip enhances fine motor skills, creativity and sparks imagination.Have a nice trip!Durable and surface washable.12 months+.

  • The Water Magic Cube from Edushape fills bathtime with entertaining discoveries.It makes little ones curious thanks to 6 different strainers that create intriguing shapes in the water.Filling the cube and turning it around to pour the water out promote the development of gross motor skills, logica and coordination.A fun tool to learn while bathing! 

Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items