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  • The 2 Stage Sönik Toothbrush by BBLüv emits battery-powered soft vibrations to thoroughly clean little ones' teeth and gums in 2 minutes.The LED light distracts the baby while you brush their teeth.An automatic pulse every 30 seconds reminds you to move to a new section (top, bottom, left, right) then the brush turns off automatically after 2 minutes.

  • The 4-in-1 Digital Thermometer by BBlüv allows precise, instantaneous and non-contact temperature measurement. It is designed to measure body temperature such as the baby’s forehead, ears and armpit and various surfaces such as bottle milk, baby’s food or bath water as well as room temperature. It also memorizes up to 32 readings for close monitoring of...

  • The Arenä Pool by BBLüv the pool is as simple as digging a hole in the sand to make a small pool at the beach!You can relax by the beach while baby wades safely next to you.The instant opening system is simple.Two accessories are included: a foldable bucket to fill the pool faster and a carry bag.The fabric is durable and waterproof.

  • Clean baby's nose safely and without stress with the Battery-Operated Nasal Aspirator Rinö by BBLüv.Contrary to manual aspirators, it provides a gentle continuous suction to remove excess mucus.It's easy to use, and it takes less than a minute to clear baby's nostrils.Note: To avoid damaging the inside of your child's nose, the suction of the Rinö Nasal...

  • The Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer Igrö by BBLüv is a must-have versatile item for the nursery.It shows the comfort level in baby's room by displaying the temperature and humidity level.It's also a clock and an alarm.It has a retractable back stand, and as it is lightweight and compact, you can take it anywhere with you.

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  • The Glüv Teething Mitten by BBLüv is ideal to soothe baby's sore gums.Adjustable, comfortable and safe, it can be worn on either hand.The bright colors and crinkle paper make it a fun toy that is sure to delight baby.

  • Suitable from birth, the Hedgehog/Raccoon Rattle Socks by BBLüv provide guaranteed fun from tip to toe with bright and contrasting colors.With integrated rattles and crackling paper in the raccoon's ears, they encourage little ones to play with their feet and promote sensory development.They can also be used as a puppet to tell the fantastic tales of...

  • The Käp Shampoo Repellent Cap by bblüv brings more fun to bathtime!It is made of very soft and lightweight silicone and can easily be attached to baby's head like a cap.No more stinging shampoo in the eyes, no more tears!From birth.

  • The Kilö Digital Baby Scale by BBLüv is accurate, user-friendly and durable.The ergonomic design provides comfort and stability to safely weigh baby from birth to 24 months.The result appears clearly on the LCD screen, with an accuracy of 5 grams.More: the ''hold'' function makes reading easier when baby moves!

  • This funny and convenient Kräb Thermometer by BBLüv displays a fast and accurate temperature.You can use it in the bath or in a room (it stands upright on a dresser for example).This colourful, waterproof crab floats, so baby can play with it at bath time.Temperature available in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

  • Bring some colour to baby's meals with the Miäm Silicone Plate and Spoon by BBLüv!They're made with durable, stain-resistant and anti-bacterial food-grade silicone.3 compartments help you separate food for your toddler, from 4 months on.A safe suction base helps the plate to stay in place, so you won't have to deal with other spills!

  • The Näj Swim Vest by BBLüv is ideal for children who want to learn how to swim.The Neoprene fabric is durable, soft and keeps your child's warm in the water. 8 integrated and securely removable floats, make it perfect to learn how to swim safely at your kid’s own pace. UPF 50 sun protection.Available in 2 sizes: 1-3years or 3-6years.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items