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  • Babyworks Bamboo Change Pad Liners (pack of 3) are naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, soft and comfortable on baby's delicate skin.The liners are 24.5'' x 13'' /62 cm x 33 cm with three layers design, it's a must for your baby's well being.Machine washable and dryer-safe.

  • The Bamboo Hooded Towel-Apron by Babyworks can be worn like an apron to prevent splashing.Pull it over your head to protect your clothes from splashing while giving baby the bath.When bath time is over, wrap baby in this soft, absorbent towel.Made from fibers bamboo and ultra-soft, the bath towel is highly absorbent.Machine washable and dry-safe.

  • The Bamboo Reusable Nursing Pads (pack of 8) by Babyworks are contoured for a maximum comfort and a more discreet fit.Super soft on sensitive skin, they are ultra-absorbent and the leak-proof liner provides high protection.Also included: laundry and carry bags.

  • The Baby Works Bamboo Toddler Pillow Case, hypoallergenic, is made from rayon from bamboo fibers.Comfortable & breathable.It has a zipper for a fit that is safe and secure.Machine wash and dry.

  • Babyworks' Contoured Cushie Step-Up Potty Seat helps your child to confidently use the toilets instead of their training potties.It comes with a built-in step stool which allows your child to climb onto the toilets on their own, using the non-slip handles.The padded potty seat makes potty training feel safe and comfortable.When not used, the Potty Seat...

  • The foldable padded Cushie Traveller Portable Toilet Seat from Babyworks is compact and comfortable.It allows your toddler from the age of 2 to find the comfort of their home seat anywhere.The Cushie Traveller seat fits all standard and most elongated seats and can be stored easily in the diaper bag.A must have for little ones on the go.

  • The Baby Works Pregnancy Wedge, angled with a hypoallergenic fitted cover, made using rayon from bamboo fibers, which are soft and gentle, keeping the wedge cool and comfortable, for proper spinal alignment and comfortable side-sleeping.It gives you the versatility you need to feel comfortable while sleeping.Fitted cover: machine wash and dry. Cushion:...

  • The Soft N' Comfy Nursing Pillow by BabyWorks was designed to support your child, from birth on.This ergonomic pillow with memory foam makes breastfeeding easy and comfortable for both parents and baby.The 100 % rayon from bamboo cover is hypoallergenic so baby can rest on it safely.Later on, it also supports your child while she's learning to sit up.And...

  • The Cloud 9 Head Support by Babyworks helps baby place his head right, while lying on his back, from birth on.Its ergonomic shape delicately supports baby's head without pressure, which could help prevent the flat head syndrome.The memory foam is covered with a hypoallergenic fabric made from bamboo fibres which make it soft, light and comfortable.Wipe...

  • The Baby Works Toddler Pillow provides maximum support to help your toddler sleep comfortably.The Airflow treated open-cell memory foam absorbs and distributes weight evenly.It comes with a hypoallergenic fitted cover, made using rayon from bamboo fibers, which are soft and gentle, keeping the pillow cool and comfortable.Fitted cover: machine wash and...

  • Bath time should be nothing else but splash and fun! Thanks to the Total Tub Bath Mat by Babyworks, you'll stay worry-free: more grip, no slip!This transparent bath mat has 200 super-strong suction cups and covers the entire surface of your bath tub.Antimicrobial, mildew resistant and latex-free, it is also machine-washable: a true must-have!

  • The Ultimate Bamboo Washcloth (pack of 6) by Babyworks is incredibly soft and absorbent!You can use it in almost any situation: at bathtime, changing time, or for meals.It is made of bamboo fiber and has the ideal size to clean baby: 8'' x 8'' (20.3 x 20.3 cm).

Showing 1 - 12 of 14 items