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  • A-Maze Loppty Loo by B. is made of 47 wooden beads placed on 5 colorful wired routes.Tiny fingers can guide the beads along these unpredictable paths or just flip the toy over and watch them race.Baby can also roll it down the hall and just be amazed by the colors' hypnotic movements.It is a great toy to develop fine motor skills and eye-hand...

  • This Ball-a-Baloos set from B. Toys has all the essential toys to keep Baby entertained.The spikes on the pink ball make it the ideal teether for little ones who need to chew.For a gorgeous glow, bounce the blue and white textured ball. It will light up on impact.Sound lovers will love to play with the Squeaky Squeak and the rattle in its holey ball...

  • With B. Toys's Banjo rocking horse, the rodeo is on! Hop onto the back of your noble steed and embark on exciting new adventures! Banjo has extra-soft hair and a friendly smile on his face. His wooden structure will give your playroom a classic feel. Let's hit the road!

  • This Bizzi bouncy bee from B. Toys is the ideal partner for lively adventures. Hop on its back, hang on to its ears and hop up and down for as long as you like!With its elegant black stripes, it's the smartest-looking steed ever!  

  • This friendly Buggly Wuggly Ride-on from B. Toys is a lovely wandering buddy and a perfect first ride. With two squeaky horns that light up, each new adventure will be even more fun than the last. You can bring your favorite toy or a delicious snack in the secret storage under the seat. What unknown place will you explore next?  

  • B.'s Bumble The Bee Teether Rattle is the perfect size to satisfy the youngest nibblers.Its 100% natural rubber gives a smooth matte finish that makes it easy to grab and chew.Thanks to the bumpity handle and the textured antennae, it is even more easy to hold for baby.Bumble The Bee is also flexible so baby can squeeze it to hear a gentle squeak.From birth.

  • In store, only.B.'s chairs (2-piece set) are perfectly child-sized chairs to complete your child's room.Their elegant but sleek design and their wooden legs are sturdy, easy-to-clean and will easily fade into any background.

  • Dr. Doctor Medical Set by B. includes 9 instruments to play doctor.Blood pressure cuff with gauge and spinning needle, thermometer with moving indicator, syringe, safe scissors, tweezers, mirror and otoscope for ears, stethoscope with heartbeat sound and beeper with light and sound.Each instrument has been well thought out so it is the closest to reality...

  • B.'s Dress-Me-Up Zebb The Zebra is an interactive sensory plush toy that giggles and wiggles with a gentle push on the tummy.With him, your child gets familiar with all the closure system that one can find on clothes: zippers, buttons, Velcro, shoelaces, buckles...Zebb is a funny friend made of different textures to stimulate all of you child's senses.His...

  • B.'s Elephantabulous Ball will blow your mind by its diversity!This soft elephant head shaped ball is an interactive toy with tons of possibilities:- bounce it to hear it BoiNG- squeeze its trunk to hear it scream- touch the hidden bird on its back to hear it sing- put your finger in its mouth but beware, it might eat them (do you hear the munching...

  • B.'s Fluffy Bunz Bunny Security Blanket is a must-have for naptime.It stimulates all of baby's senses combining playful colors and different textures.There is even some crinkle paper.Its fluffy softness is soothing against baby skin so get ready for endless cuddles.From birth.

  • This set of FunKeys Keys by B. allows your toddler to imitate grown-ups' habits while developing their imagination.This set includes 3 keys and 4 fun car sounds (designed to go easy on parents' ears) and a push-button flashlight.Chewable and teethable, they are made of BPA- and phthalate-free stainless steel.So, let's hit the road!18 months +.

Showing 1 - 12 of 40 items