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  • This colorful Shape Sorting Box by Hape teaches children all about shapes and garden creatures.  Place the pegs into the right-shaped holes.12 months+. 

  • With these colorful magnetic letters from K.i.d. collection, learning the alphabet is child's play!

  • The magnetic animals from K.i.d. collection are a great way to learn vocabulary and develop the imagination.Create stories with the different characters: is the girafe a friend of the polar bear's? What is the monkey saying to the squirrel? Does the ant ever lend? 

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  • The Hape Number & Colors is a playful wooden toy.10 pieces with perfect thickness for little hands. Perfect to learn numbers and colors.Water based paint.12 months+.

  • The Janod Splash Board with Letters, wooden, is a perennial classic for children's activities.It is ideally suited to helping children learn to write and draw.Children will easily learn the alphabet via the 26 coloured magnetic letters.The writing board has two magnetic sides: a black side for writing using the 5 pieces of coloured chalk (included), a...

  • Hape's ABC Magnetic Letters are perfect to help your child learn their alphabet.Depending on their level, they can work on matching the upper case and lower case letters, recognizing them while reciting or ordering them alphabetically.Learning the alphabet it fun with these colourful magnetic letters!

  • Discover the wonderful world of letters, syllables and words with Scratch Europe's Safari Magnetic Alphabet.Choose your letters, mix them, combine them, switch them...Learn how to spell your name and your relatives'.Each letter is illustrated according to the safari theme and can stick to any magnetic surface (magnetic board not included).You will master...

  • 10 rows of beads, 5 colors - so many ways to play with the Rainbow Bead Abacus from Hape!A fun classic to learn colors and numbers from the age of three.

  • The 3 in 1 Magnetic Board by K.i.d Collection is a timeless classic for children's activities.It is ideally suited to help children learn how to write and count.The board has two magnetic sides: a black slate that you can write on using the 4 colored chalks and a white board that you can write on with the erasable marker.Comes with 39 colored magnets to...

  • This Geometric Shapes Box by Janod is the perfect toy to start learning colors and geometric shapes.Your child has to push the pieces into the box through the right slot.It includes 6 colorful pieces that fit into different sides. It is fitted with a small sliding hatch so the pieces can be easily retrieved. 12-36 months. 

  • The Sophie La Girafe Shape Sorting House by Janod is ideal for learning colors and shapes. It provides 7 blocks in various shapes to fit into the house. The house roof is also detachable. It comes with a carrying handle for easy transportation.12-36 months. 

  • The Rainbow Pounder by Hape teaches kids about colors and counting. All you need to do is hammer in all the pegs, then flip the bench over to start again.You can also sort the pegs into color groups. 12 months+. 

Showing 1 - 12 of 765 items