Information seminars

Wich stroller to buy ?
How to securely harness your baby into the car seat ?
When to make that high-chair transition ?...

These are just a few of the many questions you will have following a birth announcement.

The purpose of our free information seminars is to offer you a maximum amount of information on the diverse product lines available on the market, and to help you make informed decisions. To this end, we draw comparisons and weigh the pros and cons of each equipment option.

We also address important issues such as safety, health and wellbeing, and cover a range of practical, day-to-day topics.

It is our conviction that well-informed parents are better able to identify their specific needs and to establish their list of purchases with ease.

These 2 ½-hour seminars are held at our in-house amphitheatre which can seat up to 80 people, all comfortably settled into rocking chairs. Note: the information seminar is for adults! (2:30 is a long time for babies and children). So, for the comfort of the participants, we would like to specify that children under 12 are not allowed at our seminars. Although our seminars are totally free of charge, advanced registration is required. As a final reward to our clients, we end each meeting with a number of prize draws with the support of our partnering companies.

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