Hygro+ Humidifier



The Hygro+ Humidifier by Babymoov increases air moisture in baby's room to avoid breathing problems and help your kid sleep soundly.
You can adjust the cold mist output and use the built-in essential oil diffuser.
It's also a multi-coloured night light: choose one colour or rainbow mode!
The touchscreen displays the room temperature and humidity level.
It is recommended to keep a relative humidity level of 40% in baby's room, especially at night.

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- Silent (25 dB)
- Adjustable humidity level and mist output
- 360° adjustable mist outlet angle (cool mist)
- Colourful Night Light: one colour or rainbow mode
- Built-in essential oil diffuser
- Automatic shut-off
- Touchscreen displaying room temperature & humidity level
- Optimal in a 215 ft² / 20 m² room
- Operating time: up to 22 hours 

Type Humidifiers
Age From birth