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  • The demineralization Filter Cartridge for Adorable Humidifier reduces mineral deposits caused by hard water.It extends the life of the humidifier. Helps to filter water and eliminates dust and extends lifetime of the humidifier.For best results, replace the filter every 30-40 fillings under normal use or when the humidifier has not been used for some time.

  • The Crane Adorable Animals Humidifier increases air moisture, with cold fog, for easier breathing and a good night’s sleep.It does not require a filter and runs whisper quiet.Removable 3.78 L (1 gallon) tank, can be used up to 24 hours and can easily be filled in most bathroom sinks.Child friendly design.Easy care.The humidity must be maintained between...

  • The Crane Drop Humidifier, with a night light, increases air moisture with cold fog for easier breathing and a good night’s sleep.It runs whisper quiet and does not require a filter.Child friendly design.Easy care.Removable 3.78 L (1 gallon) tank to use up to 24 hours.The humidity must be maintained between 35% and 50%.

  • The Hygro+ Humidifier by Babymoov increases air moisture in baby's room to avoid breathing problems and help your kid sleep soundly.You can adjust the cold mist output and use the built-in essential oil diffuser.It's also a multi-coloured night light: choose one colour or rainbow mode!The touchscreen displays the room temperature and humidity level.It is...

  • The Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer Igrö by BBLüv is a must-have versatile item for the nursery.It shows the comfort level in baby's room by displaying the temperature and humidity level.It's also a clock and an alarm.It has a retractable back stand, and as it is lightweight and compact, you can take it anywhere with you.

  • BreatheFrida 3-in-1 Humidifier by Fridababy also acts as a diffuser and nightlight. Useful when baby's room gets dry, it brings some moisture back in the building. Add a few drops of essential oils to naturally soothe and calm your little one and turn on the nightlight for bedtime visibility.

  • The Humidifier Cleaning Fish by Protec eliminates up to 99% of odour causing bacteria.Keeps your humidifier cleaner longer. Offers continuous protection against slimy buildup in the humidifier.Works in most humidifiers.Simply drop in the tank for fresh, cleaner mist.Keeps cleaning for 30 days.Contains no harmful chemicals.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items