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  • The Oball Rattle is a perfect toy for babies.28 finger holes make this ball easy for baby to grasp and shake.The smooth, flexible design and fun rattling beads makes the Oball Rattle captivating for kids of any age!

  • The Lamaze Octotunes, from the birth, is a toy with eight tentacles, colored and with different textures, that plays a different note when squeezed.Machine washable.

  • The Lamaze Musical Inchworm is full of surprises for baby to discover.Squeeze the nose to hear a fun song.Textures and sounds encourage exploration, while bright colors promote visual stimulation.This little worm can help make tummy time fun!And, use the ruler on the Inchworm's tummy to track baby's growth.From the birth.

  • The Baby Einstein Roller-Pillar Activity Balls are perfect for little hands.Encourage your baby to touch, explore, discover to have a lot of fun!These unique ativities balls provide a multi-sensory experience while encouraging the development of motor skills of your baby.3 months+.

  • The Lamaze Stacking Rings, fabric, allows baby, from 6 months, to learn while having fun.Each ring features a different texture and sound to explore.Helps baby develop dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

  • The Lamaze Turtle Tunes, from the birth, is a toy with brightly-colored musical shell.As baby touches the vibrant spots on the Turtle Tunes shell, different musical notes are played.Features three different music modes to choose from.While the bold colors aid in the development of baby’s vision, the musical sounds are ideal for creating auditory awareness.

  • The Oball Wobble Bobble Ball is a surprising toy.A vibrating ball that rolls and wobbles across the floor in a different direction every time - causing baby to chase after it.Bold colors and shapes add to it's entertainment value.Babies love to pick it up and carry it as it jiggles in their hands.This is one toy that will keep baby laughing!3 AAA...

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  • The Edushape Jumbo Dominos takes traditional dominos on new dimensions in several ways.Perfect to make new friends!Mix and matches jumbo size dominos that come in colorful dots, geometric shapes and animals.Jumbo domino tiles, foam, float on water!Domino can be played vertically as the wet dominos stick to bathroom tiles.2 to 4 players.3 years+.

  • The Skip Hop Roll Around Animals, with their familiar faces, engages baby in developmental play.The flexible body has easy-to-grasp openings that help little hands build dexterity.The rattle encourages rolling, shaking and tossing, while teethers and beads offer more to touch and explore.

  • The Baby Paper Crinkle Paper is soft and small enough for tiny fingers to graspBecause babies love to play with paper, The Baby Paper Crinkle Paper is a safe and playful alternative.Colorful and playful patterns that keeps babies occupied.Machine washable.

  • The Janod Giant Number Puzzle, from 3 years, is composed of 12 sturdy, durable cardboard cubes which are numbered 1-10 to help your toddler develop counting and number recognition skills.The Giant Number puzzle transports itself easily thanks to its colored suitcase

  • The Janod Ocean Puzzle, from 3 years, is composed of 24 sturdy, durable cardboard pieces to help your toddler develop counting and number recognition skills.The puzzle transports itself easily thanks to its colored suitcase

Showing 1 - 12 of 175 items