Dream Belt for Pregnancy



Say goodbye to uncomfortable sleeping positions: The Dream Belt for Pregnancy by Babymoov was designed with widwives to hold your baby bump while you're sleeping on the side.
It features two memory-foam side bands which fit the gap between your stomach and the mattress.
This adjustable Dream Belt fits every stage of pregnancy thanks to the Velcro rear closure.
It's so soft and comfortable, you can wear it on your clothes or directly on the skin.
A must-have during pregnancy.

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- Adjustable
- Memory-foam side bands
- Elastic bands hold your baby bump when you sleep on the side
- Wear it directly on the skin or on your clothes
- Machine wash

Dimensions 4'3'' x 6'' (130 x 15 cm)
Composition 95 % cotton, 5 % Spandex
Care Machine wash
Age For mom