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  • The Hape Roly-Poly Ralph toy, made of colored wood, has balls spinning around it. Ralph likes to be tipped.It can get back into poisition alone. The child understand balance, dynamics and cause and effect.Dès la naissance.

  • The Rotating Music Box from Hape is pretty pyramid that makes sweet musical sounds when you make it spin.Designed to stimulate the senses of babies from birth, it will delight them with its harmonious melodies.   

  • The Multicolored Oball is a perfect toy for babies.The finger holes make this ball easy for baby to grasp and shake.The flexible design makes it harmless in case of a clumsy move. 

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  • With B.'s Wee B. Ready Toy Set, help your little explorer to awake their senses!It includes 7 pieces:- 3 squishy silicone blocks (to stack, to squeak or simply to touch to discover their relief patterns)- a transparent ball with a swirly mirror inside- a clear shaker filled with rattling beads- a chubby zebra to drool on and love- 3 teethers on a ringFrom...

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  • Capture baby's imagination and develop baby's senses with Baby's 1st Developmental Toys Gift Set by Sassy. Featuring 5 of their best-selling developmental toys, this set is sure to keep baby engaged through each stage of development.Makes the perfect shower gift!

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  • The Lamaze Octotunes, from the birth, is a toy with eight tentacles, colored and with different textures, that plays a different note when squeezed.Machine washable.

  • The Lamaze Musical Inchworm is full of surprises for baby to discover.Squeeze the nose to hear a fun song.Textures and sounds encourage exploration, while bright colors promote visual stimulation.This little worm can help make tummy time fun!And, use the ruler on the Inchworm's tummy to track baby's growth.From the birth.

  • The Baby Paper Crinkle Paper is soft and small enough for tiny fingers to graspBecause babies love to play with paper, The Baby Paper Crinkle Paper is a safe and playful alternative.Colorful and playful patterns that keeps babies occupied.Machine washable.

  • The Musical Giraffe by Dolce is a playful character that stimulates baby's senses from birth.This colorful animal is full of entertaining features like the crinkle paper in its long ears, the lovely melody that plays when you pull on the little insect and the intriguing silky ribbons.This fun toy will soon become a favorite!    

  • The Geometric Rattle by Hape entertains and stimulates babies from birth.With soft colours and lovely rattle sounds, this 3-piece set is designed to fit snuggly into little hands.The different shapes stack up to promote hand-eye coordination.

  • B.'s Elephantabulous Ball will blow your mind by its diversity!This soft elephant head shaped ball is an interactive toy with tons of possibilities:- bounce it to hear it BoiNG- squeeze its trunk to hear it scream- touch the hidden bird on its back to hear it sing- put your finger in its mouth but beware, it might eat them (do you hear the munching...

  • It's not just about sweet colours and great looks with Anatole the Crocodile by Lilliputiens!Not only is he great as a playpen bumper since birth, but it converts as a great toy for your baby's awakening.It has an integrated rattle and mirror, and makes crinkle noise. For all ages.

Showing 1 - 12 of 182 items