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  • Designed for moms who need to pump their milk several times a day, the Pump in Style Breast Pump by Medela comes in a self-contained backpack that is very convenient while on-the-go.The double-pumping system combined with the 2-Phase Expression® technology provide high efficiency.

  • The efficient and reliable manual Harmony breastpump by Medela allows you to mimic your baby's natural nursing rhythm thanks to the 2-Phase Expression technology.With a light and discreet design, it is easy to transport and particularly well-suited to moms who pump their milk occasionally.

  • The Freestyle electric breastpump by Medela fits in the palm of your hand for easy transport and high discretion.2-Phase Expression® technology imitates the natural breastfeeding rhythm for highly efficient sessions.This portable double breast pump is ideal for working mothers.

  • The highly compact Swing Electric Breast Pump by Medela is the perfect fit for dynamic moms.It can be used plugged in or with batteries, which makes it easy to pump milk at home, at work or while on the go.

  • These valves and membranes are spare parts for all Medela breast pumps (except Freestyle breastpump). They will make it easier if you lose or damage one of these essential parts! 

  • The Philips Avent Comfort Manual Breast Pump has a unique and compact design, so your milk flows directly from your breast into the bottle, even when you are sitting up straight, no need to lean forward.The massage cushion has a new soft velvety texture that gives a warm feel to the skin for comfortable, gentle stimulation of your milk flow.Intuitive...

  • The Philips Avent Uno Comfort Electronic Breast Pump, lightweight and compact, is easy to hold and place so you don't have to lean forward.Soft warm massage cushion gently stimulates milk flow.Choose from 3 customizable settings for effective milk expression.Easy assembly and maintenance.Works on mains or with batteries (not included).Sans BPA.  

  • The Milk-Saver by Milkies allows you to collect your leaking breast milk as you breastfeed or pump, ensuring that not a drop of your precious breast milk gets wasted.Easy to use, simply slip the Milk-Saver into your bra-cup on the non-nursing side before you breastfeed.The Milk-Saver collects the milk that is leaked when your breast milk lets down.Once...

  • The Easy Expression Bustier by Medela was designed for use with Medela double electric breast pumps.It perfectly adapts to your body to provide exceptional fit and comfort.User-friendly, it only needs 4 easy steps: hook it, zip it, insert the breastshield in the opening and attach the connector.It features reinforced openings for a superior no-slip...

  • The Nursing Bra Accessory Clip and Pump by Bravado was designed to be attached securely to your Bravado Nursing Bra's B-clips.The back 4-row hook and eye closure and the stretch fabric allow for a perfect fit while nursing.Discreet and convenient: you don't need to remove your top or nursing bra.The 8-shaped opening was designed for an easy breast shield...

  • Smart, quiet and reactive, the double-electric Sonata breast pump from Medela lets techonology serve moms.Optimize your sessions with 2-Phase Expression Technology, which imitates babies' sucking rhythm like the high-quality hospital-grade Symphony pump.The stimulation phase is aligned with the faster and lighter rhythm when babies first start sucking,...

  • The Swing PVC Tubing Kit is a spare part for your Swing Breast Pump by Medela.

Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items