Baby Nose Cleaner



Thanks to the Baby Nose Cleaner by Belvital, empty baby's nose with the controlled strength of your aspiration.
Don't worry: the filter keeps the content away from your mouth. 

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- Inhalation controls suction, chamber safely stops mucus
- Washes and desinfects easily in boiling water for 10 minutes
- Quality of the hard and thick plastic allows repeated cleaning and perfect sterilization everyday
- No complicated piece of equipment that blocks after a few uses
- No need for filters, a simple cotton is sufficient to guarantee effective protection
- Belvital Baby Nose Cleaner is transparent: the user can quickly be aware of the quality of secretions: to detect infection, but also bleeding caused by the aggressive virus that weakens the mucous membranes
- The suction tube is very soft and flexible 

Type Nasal Aspirators