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  • This colorful Circus Spinning Top by Scratch Europe depicts circus animals. It makes a pleasant tune when spinned on the floor and provides hours of fun.Your little one is going to love it for sure! 10 months+. 

  • The Softies Wheeee-ls Pull-Back Car by B. is a colorful and stylish plush vehicle that will entertain kids and grown-ups.Each vehicle embodies a crazy character that combines battery-free operation and rubber wheels for amazing races to come.Each vehicle also makes its own noise whether you squeak or shake it.Your little one only has to imagine super-fun...

  • The Boon Fleet Stacking Boats (pack of 5) are in the shape of boats to float on water.They're designed with wide decks for scooping and drain holes for a rain effect.BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free.9 months+.

  • The Munchkin Squirt N Strain Fruit Basket includes grape, a strawberry and a pear and a basket that doubles as a strainer.9 months+.

  • Here it is: the dream toy every child wants to have at bath time: the Spinball Fish by Munchkin!Observe as it whirls, twirls and swims around the tub all by itself!Nothing is going to stop it... or maybe you can?

  • Meet your new bath buddy, the floating Sea Spinner Wind Up Bath Toy by Munchkin.   This adorable toy shark is ready to float and play during bath time. It requires no batteries to move and spin its way through the tub.Little ones can easily wind up the bottom fin to make it go, go, go.It's designed to be water-tight, so you don't have to worry about mold...

  • Your little one is going to love splishing and splashing in the tub with this Wind Up Swimming Penguin by Munchkin.It really swims through water. All you need to do is simply wind up his arms and watch him go!Ready, set... SWIM!9 months+. 

  • Skip Hop Zoo Light Up Bath Toy will brighten-up tub time! Featuring water-activated multicolor lights, this soft and squeezable bath toy is sure to make a splash with your little one! Phtalate-free.9 months+. 

  • The Boon Water Bugs Bath Toys encourages hand-eye coordination.Set these colorful insects free in the bath and watch your kids scoop them up as they glide across the water.BPA, PVC, phtalates-free.9 months+.

  • The Skip Hop Zoo Bath Puzzle is 4 pieces who float in the water and stick to tub and tile when wet.2 faces and 2 puzzles (owl or monkey).For storage, the puzzle is held by a ring that can be hung to dry faster.PVC-free, Phtalate-free.9 months+.

  • The Skip Hop Dunck Stacking Bath Toys (pack of 3), bath toys, is an adorable set of three colorful ducks float and pour, providing endless bath time fun!Dunck does double duty as mom or dad’s rinse cup, keeping baby happy and clean.BPA-, phtalates-free.10 months+.

  • The Ubbi Stack & Splash Bath Toys (pack of 3) include dolphin or shark shaped pour cups. They are designed to enhance creative and imaginative play in the bathtub. You can fill them up with water or let them float.They are stackable for easy storage when bath time ends. 9 months+.

Showing 13 - 24 of 51 items