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  • The Learn With Me Zebra Walker by Fisher-Price is a 2 in 1 friend that keeps hands busy and gets feet moving.Thanks to its 7 hands-on activities, baby can sit and play with it. Once they grow up and want to stand, the zebra is here to reward and encourage them as they walk along, with fun phrases, lights, music and songs.It has pages that teach the...

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  • Ludi's Sensory Balls (x3) provide a funny way to start discovering!They can be used for many games and will engage the children’s sense of touch, dexterity and coordination.Includes: 2 ribbed balls, 1 big massage ball with soft peaks.6 months+. 

  • Ludi's Sensory Balls (x8) develop the imagination and awaken baby's senses!Includes 8 balls with different textures to store easily in a bucket.6 months+.

  • Immerse the Plouf Bath Squirters Animal (pack of 6) by Ëscabbo in water to fill them up. When you squeeze them softly, they will splash water. This set includes colorful jungle animals. BPA and Phthalate free.6 months+.

  • Ëscabbo Cubö Soft Bath Discovery Cubes are waterproof foam squares that stack on the edge of the tub. Each cube feature fun animals, colorful patterns or multicolor numbers.The cube float on water, the material is flexible and easy to squeeze, for hours of pleasure during bath time!BPA and Phthalate free.6 months+.

Showing 61 - 65 of 65 items