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  • The Musical Penguin Wobbler from Hape is an adorable little animal that makes sweet musical sounds while it waddles.Designed to stimulate the senses of babies from the age of 6 months, it will delight them with its lovely tinkling and funny wobbling. 

  • The Baby Drum from Hape invites babies from 6 months to explore music and movement.The bright colors and pretty music appeal to little ones and encourages them to crawl in pursuit of this fascinating instrument.

  • Double Bubble by Hape is a smalll wooden platform where your child can follow the steel wire labyrinths with the wooden beads. Over, under, around, and through, the wooden beads and winding paths offer many options to scoot around this endless maze.It is a great toy to develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.Dubble Bubble also introduces logic...

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  • The Oball Rattle is a perfect toy for babies.28 finger holes make this ball easy for baby to grasp and shake.The smooth, flexible design and fun rattling beads makes the Oball Rattle captivating for kids of any age!

  • This Ball-a-Baloos set from B. Toys has all the essential toys to keep Baby entertained.The spikes on the pink ball make it the ideal teether for little ones who need to chew.For a gorgeous glow, bounce the blue and white textured ball. It will light up on impact.Sound lovers will love to play with the Squeaky Squeak and the rattle in its holey ball...

  • Little Hero's Activity Froggy is a colorful and surprising little animal.Its partly cut-out body is easy to grip for teeny baby hands.With four texture rings, bright colors and a small bell inside, this activity ball stimulates little ones' hands, eyes and ears.A real feast for the senses!

  • The Bumpy Rattle Ball by Sassy is a highly entertaining toy for babies from 6 months.With contrasted bright colors, fun bumps with intriguing textures and beads that make captivating sounds, it's got everything to delight curious little babies.  

  • The Jungle Adventures Shape Sorter by Oball is a great versatile toy.It includes 4 characters and 1 ball-shaped box with a top opening: imagine how many stories you can tell!It's also a puzzle that stimulates baby's associative abilities.And you can even play with it at bath time: the Oball design lets the water flow easily to avoid mold.

  • The Little Hero Inflatable Jungle Roller, from 6 months+, is an inflatable toy in the shape of a tube where 3 rattle balls move when baby rolls it. In addition to the sound of rattle balls, baby discovers a game full of color. The giraffe, the lion, the elephant, the monkey, the zebra and the crocodile will be your child's friends!

  • The Little Hero Inflatable Roly Poly Owl, from 6 months+, is an inflatable toy in the shape of an owl where you add water to the base so the owl is recovering alone when baby have fun pushing it. To add animation to the game, 3 colored balls are inside the owl's belly. Your child will have a lot of fun with his new friend!

  • Skip Hop's Zoo Unicorn Phone keeps baby busy and happy with sweet sounds, songs and more. From the light-up horn to the easy-grip rainbow handle and colorful buttons, your little one will love to explore this fairytale friend.6 sounds and melodies.6 months+.

  • The musical caterpillar hides many surprises. Press his nose and hear a fun song. The textures and sounds of the track encourages the discovery of the senses, and attractive colors stimulate the child. The musical caterpillar will be the perfect companion for moments of fun with your children.

Showing 1 - 12 of 68 items