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  • Janod's Mademoiselle Pink Scooter is a wooden retro-style looking balance bike ideal for your child's first bike experiences.It is perfect for small walks and help your child develop their balance and coordination.It features a bag that may be detached so children can bring their cuddly toy wherever they go. The adjustable saddle makes it a great...

  • Prepare your child for riding a bike with this Balance Bike by Coco Village!It is a nice looking two-wheeler bike with adjustable seat height. It will help your child gain their balance, hand-eye-coordination skills and build their confidence to ride. 36 months+, with maximum weight of 65 lb / 30 kg. 

  • The Hape Stilts Cat Walk is an original and funny toy.It make walking on the sand or the sidewalk a lot more fun.Boosts coordination, balance, and physical strength. Encourages imitative and imaginary play; promotes fantasy story telling, role playing, and creativity.3 years+.

  • The Quut Cuppi Cone is 3-in-1 bath and beach toy: a shovel, sieve and ball. Its ergonomic form is designed for small hands, bringing together three separates parts for a variety of activities. Use the shovel to scoop out sand castles and make tracks for the rolling ball. Or fill the specially engineered hole in the handle to write with sand or water. BPA...

  • The Quut Scoppi Shovel & Sieve can be used with sand and snow.Kids use both their hands and their feet to move sand around the beach with ease.Includes a sieve for gold seekers.BPA and latex free and recyclable.

  • Get drumming with the Drum and Cymbal Set by Hape! Just the right height for children, it includes two easy-grip drum sticks for hours of fun!3 years+.

  • Get ready for a treat with this Fast Food Set by Hape. This American-style dinner kit includes a menu plus a realistic burger, hotdog, French fries and cola.Water based paint.3 years+. 

  • This Crêpes & Co Waffle House by Janod is so easy-to-move with its 40 accessories. To make good crêpes, you have everything you need: 1 waffle iron, 1 box of 4 eggs, 1 jar of spread, 1 bowl, 1 whisk, 1 crêpe rake, etc. You can display the opening hours and specials of the day on the small slate on the front.It's up to you now.From 3 to 8 years old. 

Showing 109 - 116 of 116 items