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  • This Bizzi bouncy bee from B. Toys is the ideal partner for lively adventures. Hop on its back, hang on to its ears and hop up and down for as long as you like!With its elegant black stripes, it's the smartest-looking steed ever!  

  • Have fun fishing with this Sardines Fishing Game by Scratch Europe!Each fish is decorated with its own unique colorful pattern and equipped with a magnet.The box itself is decorated as a can and can be used as a fish tank.Hang the freshly caught sardines on the lines and show everyone how many you got. Also, the game grows with its users as more...

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  • This set of LucKeys from B. Toys allows your toddler to imitate grown-ups' habits.LucKeys attract children with their engaging colorful design and stay gentle on adults' ears thanks to carefully selected sounds.Which doors will they open next? 

  • This set of FunKeys Keys by B. allows your toddler to imitate grown-ups' habits while developing their imagination.This set includes 3 keys and 4 fun car sounds (designed to go easy on parents' ears) and a push-button flashlight.Chewable and teethable, they are made of BPA- and phthalate-free stainless steel.So, let's hit the road!18 months +.

  • B.'s Hellophone Mobile is the coolest of play cellphones!Parents or friends can record up to 3 messages for their children to discover later.Plus, lots of sounds and songs are available for hours of fun.18 months +.

  • Dr. Doctor Medical Set by B. includes 9 instruments to play doctor.Blood pressure cuff with gauge and spinning needle, thermometer with moving indicator, syringe, safe scissors, tweezers, mirror and otoscope for ears, stethoscope with heartbeat sound and beeper with light and sound.Each instrument has been well thought out so it is the closest to reality...

  • The Blue Daisies Doll Carrier by Ergobaby allows your child to carry their favorite dolls and stuffed animals anywhere they go.It is a good replica of the baby-carrier and it encourages imitative play while developping imagination.The padded shoulder straps provide comfort and you can carry it front or back.

  • B.'s Mooosical Barn Animal Shape Sorter is a fun and interactive toy with several features:- match the shapes and colors of the gears to their corresponding animals- turn the mushroom knob to make the animals swirl and sing- watch the chicken and its eggs dance on the floor that lights up- press the animals to hear their sound- change the music or stop it...

  • B.'s Waggle-A-Longs Snappity Scott is a wiggly and goofy mini croco. With just a little pull, it clacks, snaps and wiggles. Snappity Scott is going to keep your little one busy and he can even adjust the pace while pulling. 18 months+. 

  • The Circus Music Box by Scratch Europe will make a great artist out of your kid! You just need to rotate the lever to enjoy a sweet melody. It is an ideal party gift and all children will love it.18 months+. 

  • The Pull Along Elephant by Dolce will follow you everywhere, for the greatest adventures ever!This colourful elephant has crinkle ears and removable wheels, his friend squeaks when you squeeze him, and small treasures can be found in the pockets...So... Where are you travelling today?

  • Life is an endless thrilling story with the Go Grippers Cars by Oball!Check the pink and red cars: they're racing... who's going to win?Don't worry, the police makes sure there won't be any accident today.Nee-nah, nee-nah! Can you hear the firemen? No, it's the ambulance going to the hospital: the neighbour is sick because he ate too much chocolate!And...

Showing 25 - 36 of 93 items