1 Piece Long Sleeve Swimsuit



The 1 Piece Long Sleeve Swimsuit by Stonz protects baby's delicate skin and blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays.
Stay reassured: your child's body will be protected from neck to thighs.
It features an easy-open front zipper with pocket to protect from pinching or chafing your child's chin.
It has a 2-way zipper for quick and easy diaper changes.
The raised collar protects the neck from sun.
The fabric has a UPF 50 protection.
It's also ultra comfortable and flexible, dry quickly with its breathable mesh fabric on the side.

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- Front zipper with pocket
- 2-way zipper
- Raised collar 
- UPF 50 protection
- Ultra comfortable and flexible
- Dry quickly with breathable mesh

Composition 85% polyester/15% spandex mesh: 100% polyester
Care Machine wash
Type 1-Piece Swimsuits